Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate or Thunder Tiger EB-4 G3 4WD

  • I am a beginner and would like to get an electric car in the near future and have the following requirements:

    Robust car
    The car should be as stable as possible and not break immediately.
    Suitable for light terrain
    The fields of application are mainly gravel places, parking lots and sand pits.
    Long availability of spare parts
    I would like to get replacement parts for several years if possible.

    As batteries, corresponding lipos will be used. By type, I tend the most to buggy or buggy. I have two models in mind and wanted to ask which of the two in your opinion better meets my requirements.

    1 - Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate 2.4 GHz 1:10 4WD RTR
    2 - Thunder Tiger EB-4 G3 4WD 1: 8 Brushless

    The Thunder Tiger would have the advantage that a Lipo is already there and is probably a bit more robust and easier to tinker by the larger scale from the house. However, I read that with the spare parts supply is partially tedious.

    The Traxxas also seems to be one of the more robust models in its class, at least 'splashproof', but the replacement parts seem to be relatively expensive.

    My total budget is about 600-700 Euro, both would go out so loose including basic equipment. Or does someone have another tip?

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